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This is the official website of the Kevahu Network. Kevahu network is a Minecraft server, that offers a great survival experience. 
The server is managed by Kevahu.


Hi, I am Kevahu. And I have been managing servers since 2017. So, I am quite experienced on every side that comes to hosting Minecraft servers.
In the years I also developed my building skills and made some Minecraft maps.
All of them are available for download on PlanetMinecraft.

But by creating a Minecraft server, also creates a community. And I would not have been able to keep things up without my amazing staff and friends.


Kevahu Network Server


PORT: 25565

The Kevahu Network server is a survival Minecraft server with some tweaks that makes survival more fun. For example, you can go into spectator mode and set your own difficulty!

It also has some unique villager shops and a player-based community shop.

There is also a separate PvP arena, where you are allowed to bring your stuff!

Also, I have made it possible for you to join in VR! If you are interested, go check out Vivecraft. And if that is not enough, you can also join using the bedrock version of the game. 


PORT: 19132


If you're interested to see how well the server is doing, check out the statistics website of the server.



Do you like the server a lot? Do you want to support the owner? Or just the ability to do something others can't?

Well, consider buying a rank!

Keep in mind that you are not buying a product. These are just donations. And not refundable.

After buying a rank, please let me know. Either on Discord or on the server itself. So I would know who donated.

Sponsor €5

If you donate €5, you can get the sponsor rank! The sponsor rank contains:

- Fly

- Nick

- Prefix ([Sponsor])

Sponser+ €10

If you donate €10 or more, you can get the sponsor+ rank! The sponsor+ rank contains:

- Fly

- Nick

- Prefix ([Sponsor+])

- Unlimited free spawn gear

- Discord role



If you wish to join the Kevahu Network's community. Consider joining our Discord server.

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